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Mu li signed the northeast general agent

2016-09-28 10:14
       On May 7, 2016, signed northeast general agent ming-chao li mu li wei yu, is responsible for the custom products and in the channel sales and development (area: liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia (MengDong),) of chengde city and qinhuangdao city, hebei province. General agent ming-chao li mu li wei yu the North-East, has been by quality win the market, by services stabilize the market, expand the market by innovation, adventure, with difficult bumpy, also have the joy of success; Have a sad and tears, much more free and easy of pride and confidence. Mu li confident completed its transformation and leap, once again at the helm of shower panel industry in China of taishan big dipper. As mu li northeast franchised dealer, a common mu li, has never been so strong and proud. Believe that the way in the future, mu li will fly higher and higher.