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Mu li - change the way you shower

2016-09-28 10:23
         Mu li  stainless multi-functional SPA, shower screen, really let a person enjoy the time contracted and luxurious bathroom fashion. 
Can you imagine a flower is aspersed, can keep constant temperature under any circumstances, however, the water pressure are to perfect water temperature to soothe your skin? Now mu li of thermostatic shower panel can achieve such amazing results. With such a thoughtful thermostatic shower panel, shower at home we can realize the bai juyi in the poem: "spring bath huaqing pool, hot spring water slippery wash coagulate fat". 
There is a kind of luxury, is not to need to gold and silver to packing, don't need the design of heavy and complicated, also do not need a rare material. Like temperament, emanates from the inside out, mu li wei yu have such charm. Mu li wei yu stainless steel multi-function shower screen, three color optional (sapphire blue black mirror Atmospheric modeling fashion high-end rose gold). Shower panel with 304 medical grade stainless steel, the five functions of the water, large top gush, 50 silica gel pore water, to bring you a comfortable shower SPA experience. Chrome plated removable hand-held flower is aspersed, never fade. Imported configuration Spanish track, after the 1 million switch test, (equivalent to switch 50 times a day, with more than 45 years) under the faucet adopt ABS material chromium plating process and the built-in 304 stainless steel bubbler, soft water, splash is not blocked. Enhanced carton packaging, with imports the most thick foam cotton, give you transport. 
When the perceptual world and the exquisite handicraft fierce collision; When the perfect style and innovation of technology being one; This is mu li wei yu of the world. Any a fine product, mu li wei yu in habitation, and enjoy life. 
The traditional shower shower from the original simple handheld shower, flower is aspersed to stem type, acrylic shower column, glass, aluminum alloy shower column, to the highest level of latest 304 stainless steel shower panel. In fact they really need is not only clean the body itself, but need to flow of water, they are just a vehicle, provides a symbiotic relaxed environment with water. The curve from the nature, coordination of morphology is introduced into the space that defend bath, return uncut jade to put in a style, manifests the human and the nature together, is the sanitary design trend. 
Imagine: in the dream of shower panel, spray like a massage, let you like back to the embrace of nature, under the background of complex and noisy city, the beauty of the night, the cool spring breeze have what than in a small space make the breath of nature smooches, young pure aftertaste dream more wonderful thing? Luxury is not crystal bright light, not heavy and complicated is luxuriant, luxury is a kind of artistic conception, in the busy life, let you can fully relax corner corner, warm water gently glides, gentle rain falls gently, close your eyes, and suddenly in thousands of miles away, away from the hubbub. This is not imagination, mu li wei yu is a dream for you build the space that defend bath.